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Property Managers

Property Managers give contractors SiteConnect to keep them safe, and to gain essential acknowledgements of risks and hazards.

Property Managers have wide ranging responsibilities representing many stakeholders including owners, tenants, and visitors to their sites. As a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) the 2015 Health & Safety Act place significant liability on you and your organization.

SiteConnect is not the answer to all of your requirements and responsibilities under the Act.

However, it meets the most important requirements of the Act which is to communicate to visitors to a site — the risks and hazards of that site — and to gain specific acknowledgement of these.

SiteConnect works for property managers because it is easy to use, low cost, simple to deploy and can give you valuable information about who is coming to your property, what they were there for, the time they spent on your property and when they left.

Argosy Property Limited is a leading New Zealand Property Company listed on the NZX. They rely on SiteSoft to stay in touch with their contractors across over 70 buildings.