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Body Corporates

Body Corporates who care about safety use SiteConnect to meet PCBU compliance requirements

With SiteConnect you gain increased visibility of contractor activities, attendance, task management and total communication to improve engagement.

Issue work orders (new March 2021) against trackable tasks, and output easy system generated reporting to stakeholder body corporate committees.

Importantly, understand and comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 with a simple to use mobile app which all contractors can have access to.

Store and share specific property documents to share with all stakeholders.

“As one of New Zealand’s leading body corporate managers, Auckland Body Corporate understands the importance of risk compliance and our obligation to our property owners to put the ‘best in breed’ risk management practices in place. SiteConnect gives us greater visibility of our contractor movements on and off site and we can share property information including risks and hazards, more effectively with them.”

Chris Newman, General Manager at Auckland Body Corporate

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (“HSWA”) introduces the term “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking ” or “PCBU”. A PCBU has the main duty under the Act and it is clear that a Body Corporate will be deemed to be a PCBU and will therefore have a number of specific duties under the Act.

Any “Officer” of a PCBU has a specific duty of due diligence to ensure that their PCBU is complying with its duties under the HSWA. An “Officer” is anyone who occupies a position which is comparable to that of a director of a company and anyone who is able to exercise significant control over the management of the PCBU. It is therefore likely that each Body Corporate Committee Member including the Body Corporate Chair Person will be considered an Officer under the HSWA.

There are significant fines which apply to each of the Body Corporate and its Officers if they do not comply with their obligations under the HSWA.

SiteConnect simplifies compliance and communicates essential health & safety messaging of risks and hazards associated with your body corporate property.

Your contractor community is required to use the SiteConnect application and through the use of advanced geo-fencing and mobile device technology, are made aware of these risks and hazards and are required to acknowledge their understanding and exposure to them. Access and acknowledgements are time and date stamped and are recorded in the SiteConnect application for reporting at a later date. SiteConnect works for body corporate managers because it is easy to use, low cost, simple to deploy and can give you valuable information about who is coming to your building, the time they spent on your property and when they left.