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Worker Safety App


Report Incidents & Hazards

Health & Safety is a shared responsibility for all those who carry out works on a site or location. SiteConnect’s goal is to create greater engagement and information sharing to improve compliance and overall site management.

No User Fee

SiteConnect does this by removing the user fee, giving all of your employees and contractors the mobile app.

Collection of Data

All sign-in data is stored securely in the cloud to be used for compliance records. For more detailed information on SiteConnect’s Geofencing Auto Sign-in feature and how it could add value to your business, please download the following document.

COVID-19 Compliance

COVID-19 Healthy Site Solution

Rapid Deployment

SiteConnect COVID-19 module can be deployed rapidly and updated as compliance changes occur. Developers at SiteConnect react quickly to meet government standards.

Record Vital Information

Administrators can turn on and off the COVID-19 Module. As the regulatory landscape changes rapidly, this user functionality is essential for work to be completed uninterrupted. The free text fields make it flexible to manage health declarations however you want.


Toolbox Talks

View Your Meetings Online

A pre-start meeting and toolbox talk are standard on a construction site. Usually, these meetings aren’t documented. Through SiteConnect, anyone can take a toolbox talk meeting, choose a topic, set a plan, select all attendees, and add photos to compliment the ‘talk’ directly from their phone. This information can then be exported out of SiteConnect to PDF, which can then be emailed or printed as needed.


Audits & Inspections

SiteConnect Audit & Inspections can be customized for all types of applications. You can use them for everything from site audits to property inspections to vehicle safety checklists to asset management checklists. You can also track tasks so you know when they’re done.

Customizable Tool

All types of paper documents can be digitised with the SiteConnect Audit & Inspections feature.

Export Reporting

Once checklists or inspection data has been loaded, SiteConnect automatically converts this to a shareable PDF report and emails it to the applicable parties.


Safety Observations

Quickly record safety observations. SiteConnect can include text, images or voice recordings.

Make Online Notes

Observations can be quickly recorded and shared around the site network.

Assign Tasks

Once an observation has been made, assign tasks to members within the connected SiteConnect network and ensure risks are mitigated.


Create & Assign Tasks

When you use SiteConnect Tasks feature, you’re recording every significant thing that happens on-site and who gets what.

Assigning Tasks Made Simple

It can be used for Health & Safety Management, recording required property maintenance, and collecting compliance data. 

Receive Push Notifications & Emails

On the mobile app dashboard, you can see what tasks are assigned. SiteConnect sends push notifications and emails to connected users when they need to complete a task. Tasks are tracked with due dates so we know when they’re done.

Increase engagement

Total Site Messaging

Communication is one of the best ways to make a workplace safer.

Assigning Tasks Made Simple

With SiteConnect Total Site Messaging feature, you can send a “mass communication” in seconds by SMS (optional), email or mobile push notification. You can send it to one person, groups, or the whole network.

Records all Communication

SiteConnect records all communication in the messages section. If you’d like more information on how SiteConnect could help your business, please download the SiteConnect Total Site Messaging brochure below.

Hazards & Incidents

Reporting hazards and incidents, and investigating is easy with SiteConnect.