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Additional Services

You may still need advice or guidance on the framework or practical side of implementing and maintaining your health & safety systems.

Our in-house Health and Safety Advisor, Theresa Harper can help you with this, including:

  • Assessing your current framework; Advising on improvements;
  • Assisting with Audits
  • Answering your Health & Safety questions; 
  • Providing you with additional Health & Safety support to ensure you remain compliant with the HSWA 2015.

Additional Health & Safety Support

Basic Health & Safety support will be free of charge, but assessments, audits, and more complicated matters will be charged at $110.00+GST per hour plus travel time if applicable. You can get in touch with Theresa by completing the online form below or call on 0800 748 763.

On-boarding Support

New Account Inductions

We understand that moving to a new system can be daunting and sometimes difficult. We provide the tools, resources and training to get you, your colleagues and your contracts on-board so that you’re all working off the same page.

Help with On-boarding Process

We can help you to import/export employee and contractor information. We can guide you through the set-up processes by creating digital inductions, audits, sites and site information.

Help Center

For more information on the SiteConnect set-up process, please see our knowledge base for step-by-step guides on how to operate SiteConnect for both mobile app and our web portal.


First Aid Kits & PPE Products

SiteConnect has partnered with Oceania Medical to provide state-of-the-art first aid kits and personal protective equipment.

Workplace Kit Rotation Programme

Keeping track of your kits can sometimes be difficult. You can have your first aid kits periodically rotated with fresh supplies with Oceania Medical’s workplace kit rotation program instead of having them serviced on-site.

Order First Aid Kits Use discount code SITECONNECT for free shipping


Training & Support

With every new SiteConnect Premium Account registration, you and your team will be able to get 2 hours of system training as part of your set-up fee. We use this time to make sure that you get the most out of your new system.

SiteConnect’s Support Team

The SiteConnect support team is knowledgeable about industry’s Health & Safety processes and they are available for all SiteConnect related inquiries. We appreciate it’s essential to have that reassurance that we are only a phone call away if you are unsure about something or need assistance to keep your system running efficiently.