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Residential Building Services

Residential Building Services (RBS)

Residential Building Services Limited (RBS) is a high performing team of professionals that provides businesses in the Residential Building Sector with a range of support services, freeing them up to focus on their core strengths. Two of their main clients are Jennian Homes & Milestone Homes.

“SiteConnect gave my team the tools needed to react to an accident on-site quickly. It gave me peace-of-mind that the incident was investigated properly and the risks mitigated for the future.”

Nigel Smith, National Franchisor at Milestone Homes

No More Paper

Moving away from paper-based system and can now see what is happening across the group in real-time.

Being Compliant

Franchisees saw a significant number of people now reporting incidents and observations properly.

Report on Access Control

Can now monitor and report access control on all projects across all franchises.

How RBS utilised SiteConnect for Jennian Homes

Having started in the Waikato by Jenny and Ian Pattan, Jennian Homes has become an important household name as one of NZ’s top building companies with locally owned franchises in every region of New Zealand.

Jennian Homes is proud to continue its success as NZ’s most awarded building company in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year awards year on year.

After realising there were holes in compliance around the inability to report on health & safety across the group, Jennian Homes decided that it was time to scale over 30 franchises onto a digital health & safety system.

With the help of SiteConnect, most franchises went paperless to reduce environmental impact and manage documentation more effectively. Before implementing SiteConnect, Jennian Homes often used document boxes on-site to host important site-specific information. The document records were often getting destroyed or damaged on-site, as the boxes weren’t 100% waterproof, leading to data loss. 

“Paper used to get dirty and wet way too often.” 

As a complete Health & Safety and Document Management System, SiteConnect is now being used to hold quality control audits and build consent plans accessible to everyone visiting the site.

We found that before SiteConnect, we didn’t have any idea what our franchisees were doing in regards to Health & Safety. All of this information would have to be introduced in review meetings, which was often a little too late. With SiteConnect, we can see what is happening across the group in real-time.”

Julia McCone, Health & Safety Co-ordinator at RBS at Milestone Homes

Testing multiple solutions to find the right fit

The RBS team spent a lot of time trialling various safety apps; it was apparent that almost all of them lacked essential features. The decision to implement SiteConnect was down to its key features that solved multiple challenges in an inclusive, integrated solution.

The team identified other potential digital Health & Safety solutions; however, they didn’t have the same depth and simplicity they liked with SiteConnect.

“There aren’t many safety apps that are a one-stop-shop.” 

Another significant driver that resulted in the implementation of SiteConnect was the ability to extract data out of the system quickly for monthly KPI’s and group reporting. SiteConnect could manage this more efficiently than the other solutions that were evaluated in the original investigation.

Integrated, Modern & Engaging Health & Safety Solution

SiteConnect has since been implemented as Jennian Homes and Milestone Homes National Health & Safety system, using the SiteConnect app on all sites to support & control, record and maintain all aspects of the Health & Safety process.

As well as being able to solve the challenge around access control and engagement of daily notice boards and hazard registers, SiteConnect provides workers visiting sites with:

  • Record Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Record New Hazards
  • Record Incidents & Near Misses
  • Record Safety Observations
  • Record Toolbox Talks

“SiteConnect has successfully become an electronic Health & Safety folder for all sites nationwide.”

Unique features that put SiteConnect ahead of the pack

“We can see exactly who’s reporting what and who’s performing the best in regards to audits and health & safety. This gives us a great competitive advantage as an entire group.”

  • Safety Observations
    Safety Observations has been Jennian Homes favourite feature so far; franchisees have seen a significant number of people now reporting incidents and observations correctly.
  • Report on Access Control
    Jennian Homes head office can now monitor and report access control on all projects across all franchises.