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About SiteSoft

SiteSoft New Zealand Ltd, developed our SiteConnect software solution in response to The New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

Ensure all workers are engaged with health and safety on site.

A live approach covering essential tasks displaying risks and hazards at all times. Any PCBU who manages or controls a workplace must ensure they provide an environment without risk to the health and safety of all people.

Owners and managers of workplaces have greater responsibilities than ever before.

Failure to have a functional and responsible solution to daily issues can result in all levels of incidents. This causes a greater risk of large financial liability, significant repetitional damage and human harm. 

Our SiteConnect solution ensures:

  • In-depth supervision of health and safety
  • Customisability – ensure your system does what it needs!
  • Allow identification of all risks and hazards
  • Stakeholders work from same system
  • Smooth Inductions
  • Share key documents and information
  • Easy communication across workplace 

Encourage effective daily practices, with our simple, customisable and time efficient system.

Solving issues allows us to create special features like our automatic, semi-automatic and manual sign-in/out options! This daily practice in particular is popular by workers to ignore.

Why live with a problem that can simply be fixed?

SiteConnect is your one stop shop solution. It couldn’t be more easy!